Times are tough in the Realm of Golarion, especially in the wilds of Darkwood Vale. The lumber consortiums have all by deforested the once lush woodlands of old, profiting off the blood and labors of those who strive to eek out a life in these fronteer lands.

Despite the hardships of this land there are many reasons people choose to live or visit. Some come here to escape far worse conditions or to start anew in a new land, some come seeking adventure, riches and fame, others come to explore the lost relicts of old kindoms and regain lost knowledge.

Each of you have your own reasons for coming to this vale, but each of you found you way to the local chapter of Pathfinder Society and over the last several years you have been training, studying and honing your skills so that one day you too may seek your fortunes as a Pathfinder, finder of lost treasures.

Your adventures is about to begin, your actions will determine your fate. Are you destined to continue the struggles of your forefathers, are you destined for greatness to be remembered after you leave this world, or are you destined for something even more? Only time will tell.

Pathfinder - Silent Watcher Society